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The 2004 Tsunami that caused intense devastation to the coastal regions in Sri Lanka clearly revealed that many lives could have been saved if there was a more widespread ability to swim among the coastal population in Sri Lanka.

Although Sri Lanka is an island country with beautiful beaches, rivers & reservoirs more than 70 per cent of the population of Sri Lanka are unable to swim. The primary reason for this inability can be attributed to the unavailability of swimming pool facilities and safe fresh water training centers for children and the general public. Existing swimming training programs are limited to the more affluent citizenry.In this regard SWIMMING COACHES ASSOCIATION OF SRI LANKA (Registered by Ministry of sports / WP) is involved to support the development of community based swimming activities for rural children and public in Sri Lanka.

water safe and actively involved in swimming for lifelong health, fun and fitness.


1)  To promote learning-to-swim on a national basis, with an emphasis on the life- long health, safety, fun and fitness benefits of swimming.

2)  To recognize programs teaching swimming that meet prescribed guidelines.

3)  To aid in the development of the teaching, coaching and management expertise of such programs.

4)  To develop a wide-spread ability among the Sri Lankan population to swim, in order to minimize the risk of incidence of drowning in times of natural disasters and day to day          activities.

5)  To utilize currently available facilities for swimming in the country and introduced well-designed programmes to facilitate such access and conduct Training / Coaching camps.

6)  To educate children/adults on water safety, CPR & first aid through workshops.

7)  To teach swimming for disabled children / adults.

Founded - September 2008





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